What we do:

  • We invest in outstanding founders with unique ideas, that think out of the box.
  • We love hands-on approach and grow the business from the very early days, together.
  • We invest time and work hard to establish a trusted and value-added relationship.

We invest in:

  • 1Saas Enterprise B2B companies with a clear recurrent revenue sales model
  • 2Early revenue companies with some sales, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and a clear PMF (Product Market Fit)
  • 3Deep technology-based solutions. Most SW are relatively easy to copy. Have a technology edge, or a unique advantage, keep competitors from entering your space
  • 4High potential growth and highly scalable worldwide
  • 5Focus in 5 main verticals: CyberSecurity, HealthTech, Data & Analytics, AgroTech and Logistics (and continuously watch closely new market trends)
  • 6Geography: EU based companies